About The Angel Gallery

Learn more about us and the history behind this historic venue.

About Us

We are two Totnes-based women, Nicky Bell and Claire Phillips-Callender with a vision to set up a creative community collective where inspiration and collaboration are centre. Our intention is to hold the space with care and purpose to enable versatility and encourage openness to possibility.

Regularly using The Angel, and open to collaboration and connection, are Maya BelleBeccy StrongRough Diamond Theatre and WIIT.

The space is extremely versatile and easily transformed into a studio space or a venue for gatherings, performance, art exhibitions and workshops. Click here for a gallery of photographs.

We're excited about our in-house events and also look forward to hearing how we can support you with your projects and ideas.

History of The Angel Gallery

The history of The Angel Gallery is ingrained in Totnes' past. It is a part of the towns original wall of the motte-and-bailey castle, making it one of the town's oldest buildings. The lower half of the building existed as the town stables, along with the courtyard at the back. A couple of hundred years later the hayloft was added, you can see from outside where the doors would have been.

In more recent history, the building was the studio of local artists Kelvin Burr, Sarah King with Dan Wheatley and Mike Boyer joining them briefly. We are lucky enough to have three of Kelvin's works hanging on the walls. They are not owned by us but are for sale.

Laurie and Katie took over from Kelvin, transforming the space into a yoga studio, art gallery and public venue. They put a lot of love and energy into creating the clean, fresh environment that you see today, not to mention putting The Angel on the map. We are very grateful to them.

In March 2020, Nicky took on the gallery, and with a lot of continued help and support from Claire Callender and Dinah Gibbons, The Angel is now an ever evolving community, creative collective.

This is what we know about The Angel to date. If you have any more information, get in touch.